After the Sundering, the Olivar found themselves on disparate floating islands, with only their faith in Boreas to see them through...

-A People's History of the Skylands, Arnove Zinn

The islands of solid ground thrown into the sky during the Sundering came to be known as the Skylands.  The people who worshipped Boreas are known as the Olivar, while those who had remained devoted to Bidge are known as the Sveki.

Cities[edit | edit source]

There are 9 major cities throughout the skylands:

Black Eye
Led by the ominous and enigmatic Duke of Shadows and his cabal of Chaos Knights, Black Eye is host to a shadier underbelly than most.
A democratically elected council rules the southernmost city in the Skylands.
Das Übermech
The home of the Mechagnomes.  Ostensibly led by a civilian Mayor, the leader of the military, the Skylord Steamy Überjammer, actually has a grip on the levers of power.
Lady Soraura Eliph rules this once peaceful eastern isle. It suffered greatly in the assault by the demi-god Mariellarian.
The main Sveki city in the Skylands.  Formerly led by Ostrov Tinago, much of Nasvin was utterly annihilated by the Demon Prince Vale.
An ancient stone city, and the new headquarters of the Borean Coallective.  Led by the former Olivarian Avatar of Boreas, Vipa Olea.
A kingdom until recently, when the assassination of King Marius Tourmaline led to the disastrous rule of his cousin Commodus, the city is now run by a 100 person senate.  The military is led by Valerie Volarion.
The Rookery
While nowhere near the population of the major cities, this small settlement is nonetheless a bustling trade hub, for its size. More famously it houses the Ragtags; one of the two pre-eminent heroic forces in the Skylands.
Nestled away in the Central Cyclone, Exacoco is the largest and most splendid of the Draconic cities.  Wracked in recent years by civil war, it is a shadow of its former glory.
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